Our goal as a church is to Win people into a relationship with Christ, Build them up in their faith, and Send them out into their communities to make an Eternal difference for Jesus Christ.

Our focus is on creating intentional discipleship relationships with people who are faithful, available, and teachable. The goal is to equip Disciples of Christ that would be able and willing to disciple others. We look to 2nd Timothy 2:2 as a model of effective multiplication where people are equipped to follow and stand up for Christ.

Our hope is to grow mature believers in Jesus that can share their faith, stand up for God's Word, and live out a changed life for Christ that will impact others for Him.

Please listen to Adam Kern discuss our mission to engage in meaningful and intentional discipleship, and where that mission stems from biblically. If you have any questions regarding discipleship, or if you have an interesting in gaining more information about our discipleship groups, please send us a message.

Discipleship Part 1 - Adam Kern
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Discipleship Part 2 - Adam Kern
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